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I love brining ribbons, ring boxes and other pretty items to style your details. Please bring all your stationary (including envelopes) programs , and extra copies of bride & groom place cards if possible.
If yes, please provide name and contact information
Please list time(s)/location(s) of both parties
If you will be putting on your Dress/Suit at a different location (for example, at the ceremony venue after your hair/makeup), please specify here.
If needed, please provide additional information about parking
Is Your Ceremony Outdoors? *
Please consider the number of guests you may have and your timing
If needed, please provide additional information about parking
If yes, describe what kind of cutting you'd like have
List times of each event during the reception
First Look? *
This is very important! Please make a list and number each immediate family grouping (using names/relationship to you) that you would like during your family formals time before/after the ceremony. ***Keep in mind your timeline, list family photos that are most important to you. I can always take more group shots at the reception. I highly recommend making two lists for each side of the family.
We want to our best to not create any unnecessary drama by calling names or arranging members of your family that do not get along or will cause stress for you.
*Disclaimer: We do not guarantee any photographs, but we will make it a priority to capture the shots listed below.
Are you Interested in Sunset/Nighttime Portraits?
We love partnering with and supporting your other vendors and giving credit where credit is due. We would love to reach out to them and send them photos for their own use. Please list any details you have.
Let us know where your dress, shoes, rings, or any details are from!
Where are the bridesmaids dresses, shoes, jewelry etc from? Where are the men buying or renting their suits/tuxes from?
Do you have any extra details you just have to include in your big day? Ring box, vow books, garter?
Let us know who is catering your yummy food! List all vendors if applicable.
Mailing Address After the Wedding *
Mailing Address After the Wedding
You'll be receiving your customized wedding package within 6-8 weeks of saying, "I Do!"