Hibernia Park Bohemian Bridal Styled Shoot

erica was an absolute life saver! i had this amazing shoot planned for weeks. i had heard so much about supply company in lancaster and i was counting down the days until their photographer’s open house even at the end of the month. i had a beautiful model lined up, a dreamy dress and gorgeous flowers but then… i realized at 11 o’clock the night before the shoot the dress had never arrived in the mail. i triple checked the mail and all the doors. one of my nightmares was coming true. i didn’t want to let down the model, the florist and myself. i tried everything. would the model fit into my BHLDN engagement dress? would a mother model be able to fit in it? could i swing by a bridal shop first thing in the morning and pick up another dress? would the original dress arrive first thing in morning? could me or my sister model the dress instead? no. no. and no. i messaged so many people and after searching until i could barley stay awake i just decided to cancel the entire shoot. the dress arrived saturday evening and i decided to try to pull together another shoot before my scheduled mini sessions sunday afternoon. everyone was so incredibly helpful and sympathetic. thank you erica for being a tall beautiful person, thank you gypsy bride and kati mac florals for being so so understanding and willing to go with flow! i’ve learn through this that styled shoots can be absolutely insanely crazy but man was that stress worth it for this!