hi, i’m lily!

i’m lily jieru muir the face behind the camera! i love my best friend who happens to be my husband, coffee shops, eating best sushi and dancing to disney, essential oils and jesus. me and my husband enjoy cooking for our families, laughing with our friends, serving our church and exploring the world. you will always find me eating or talking about french fries, singing and snapping pictures wherever i go. 

jieru was my first name before i was adopted from china. it means when a bride puts on her wedding dress on her day. how fitting. i truly love capturing the moments and details in life no matter how big or small. every moment is worth cherishing, loving and remembering. 

as much as i love adorable couples, genuine love and a good dance floor i absolutely love meeting and working with other photographers! so if you're a photographer and would like to connect, collaborate or second shoot with me fill out the form on my "hello" page! i cannot wait to grab coffee, laugh and dream together with you!

my experience.

i've been making home videos and taking pictures since before i can even remember. there is proof somewhere in my parent's house. little eight year old me was so excited to finally have a cute pink camera that i could call my own. then when i was twelve i purchased my first dslr. when i started to get more and more booked and grow in my skills my parents invested into my business by giving me a canon mark iii for christmas. i graduated high school in 2013 and started interning for main line wedding photography over the summer and was hired full -time immediately following. i continued to work for mainline while building my own portfolio for two years. then in late 2014 i decided to focus more on building my own business and branding. 

since then i've grown a passion for shooting weddings. i absolutely love capturing each moment in a wedding day from when you pop the bottle of champagne first thing in the morning, to your dad seeing you, from the face the groom sees you for the first time to the moment when everyone cries at your vows to the laughs at the best man's speech to cheers to smash the cake in his face to the amazing dance party! it is always such an honor and a complete joy to be part of someone's day. i won’t ever stop overtaking photos of the flowers, smiling until my cheeks hurt at my couples or trying hard not to join the the dance party!

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